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Top o’ The Topsoil…Diversified Services is a Winner!

Top o’ The Topsoil…Diversified Services is a Winner!

Something most people don’t give much thought to is the condition of their topsoil. Topsoil is the foundation upon which your lawn and garden grows, and supplies much needed nutrients for plants and grass. Bottom line: if your topsoil is lacking in nutrients, plant life will not thrive. Erosion also becomes an issue, as the soil will not be able to retain water.

There are many thoughts (and concerns) about the depletion of topsoil across the globe because of over-farming and misuse. While we can’t solve a problem on that scale, we can work on creating change in our own backyards!

Thick, lush lawns require organically-rich soil to grow and look beautiful. It naturally takes the Earth 500-1000 years or more to create one inch of topsoil, and none of us have that amount of time to wait for nutrients to return to our soil. So what is the solution?

Diversified Services supplies homeowners and contractors with our own mix of topsoil and compost…quality, rich, organic loam that can make your lawn and yard a showpiece. Our mix supplies the necessary organic material to rejuvenate tired spaces. But how do we know that our mix is top quality?

We’ve been tested! We sent our samples to the UMass Amherst Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory  and received top scores…our topsoil/compost mix is at OPTIMUM and ABOVE OPTIMUM levels.

As Rhode Island’s Landscaping Materials Yard, Diversified Services is ready and excited to deliver your topsoil. (Did we mention we deliver? We do!)

Not sure how much topsoil you need? Figure out using this online tool then call Tim Mahoney at 401-741-1875 with any questions and to schedule delivery.

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