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RipRap: A Tutorial

RipRap: A Tutorial


At Diversified Services, we are not just about boulders, natural stone, fieldstone, bluestone, and decorative rocks to create beautiful landscaping or water feature projects. We also provide Rhode Island with stone for more utilitarian and less glamorous uses.

Riprap might be a funny word to say, but it’s no laughing matter.

Riprap” refers to stones or concrete pieces that are crushed and screened. Riprap is the rugged John Wayne of the stone world, as it doesn’t easily move or get washed away. Large riprap breakwaters are well known to those living in areas near lakes, ponds, and other waterfront areas and help stop erosion of the waterfront and can also slow fast-moving water. But these stones can be used for much more.

Riprap is installed on steep grade hills to help stop erosion from rain and also placed around water discharge pipes. You might use riprap in driveways, roads, and parking lots. Riprap aids in weed control and is perfect to use around the base of trees or in landscape settings. It can also be used in rainwater harvesting, which is a top trend in residential landscaping for 2016.

Have a ditch or large hole to fill? Riprap will do the job.

There are many different sizes of riprap that work best in certain areas or conditions. As Rhode Island’s Landscaping Materials Yard, owner Tim Mahoney can help determine what you will need to make your stone or drainage project right and we also deliver! Call Tim at 401-741-1875 or contact us at Diversified Services.

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