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101 Reasons Why Stone is a Landscaper’s Best Friend

101 Reasons Why Stone is a Landscaper’s Best Friend

Okay, we’re not really going to give you 101 reasons but anyone that has ever been to our yard knows right away how much we love stone…our office looks like an homage to Fred Flinstone!  Why do we love stone?  It’s beautiful, low (or no) maintenance, and extremely versatile; from affordable drainage solutions to retaining walls, and sea walls to artistic landscapes, there’s a kind of stone for the job.

French drains are affordable, relatively easy solutions when you need to divert water from building up around foundations.

diversified before diversified after


A (river) stone landscape bed (pictured) is a great way to reduce weeds and promote healthy drainage, and it’s so easy to accent with pretty pots or…more stone!






boulders in landscape design


In addition, moss covered or faced boulders (pictured) make beautiful focal points in a landscape design and are zero maintenance compared to some of their live ‘competitors!’




Need seating? How about a granite slab? The chance of a granite slab or block getting stolen vs. a wooden bench or seat is slim to none and again…zero maintenance or need to replace anytime soon!

retaining wall


And of course, rock is key in many excavation projects. This is a great example of an engineered retaining wall with the use of different kinds of stone/material.





Whatever your landscape needs, give Tim a call at 401-741-1875, shoot him an email, or you’re always welcome to swing by the yard and hand-pick your special stone! Remember, Diversified Services delivers, too!

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