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Winter Landscaping Tips and Ideas

At Diversified Services you know we love rocks and stones, but we also know that without good gardening and landscaping prep in winter (especially here in Rhode Island) you won’t have the proper space to place the rocks and stones that we provide!

So here are some tips to keep your landscaping in tip-top shape this winter!

Diversified Services talks about gardening in the winter and how you can keep your plants safe in the snow.

Tip #1:

One of the most important things to remember is that because this is the time of the year that your landscape will be the most bare, you might consider making changes during this time of year – remove anything that isn’t working for you and maybe add some rocks for interest.

Tip #2:

Cutting and trimming trees and branches that are becoming overgrown or unsafe is also a good idea this time of year. You want to be proactive and prepare for the inevitable winter storms that can bring heavy snow and ice and take down branches or trees. Plus, pruning shrubs and perennials will keep them healthier too.

Diversified Services in Rhode Island recommends shaking snow from evergreen trees to avoid limbs being broken.

Tip #3:

After a storm, shake the snow off of evergreens (as soon as possible). Too much heavy snow can break or weaken branches and, let’s face it….they look ugly all bent over and twisted!  But, be aware that you should wait for ice to melt before trying to remove as this can cause worse damage than just leaving it on the trees (and can be dangerous).

Diversified Services large pile of screened loam for your garden and lawns

Tip #4:

Adding topsoil and mulching (did you know that we have excellent topsoil and mulch at Diversified Services?) to plant beds can protect them from frost and extreme cold. Burlap to protect plants can also help to insulate against the cold.

Tip #5:

Like to recycle? Consider using the ash from your fireplace or wood stove as a fertilizer in the spring. Save it for use around the garden plants and trees.

Tip #6:

Try to get in the last grass mow before the first winter storm. It is important that the grass is not too long because this can cause it to fold over under the pressure of the snow cover. Mold and disease are the results if this happens.

Tip #7:

Make your yard inhospitable to critters who may cause damage to your plant beds and landscaping. Remove anything that can be used as a shelter like piles of debris that can be used as a snug winter abode.

Diversified Services recommends holly as a great plant to add some color to your winter garden.

Tip #8:

And lastly, what trees and bushes make good choices for a pretty winter landscape? Without a doubt…evergreens! Fall is a great time to plant and these trees can also act as a great wind barrier to help protect your home during a storm. Berry bushes, such as holly are also great for adding some color to the yard.

Feel better prepared for the Winter? We hope so! And we’re here to help with your loam, topsoil, and garden rock needs! Give Tim a call today 401-741-1875.

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