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Snow Removal and Your Stone Driveway

A stone driveway covered with snow and a tractor plow

At Diversified Services we have bluestone and reprocessed gravel, both great for use in driveways and walkways. This is a beautiful addition to any home, but here in Rhode Island we get snow, and snow removal on a stone driveway or walkway can be tricky. So what is the best method to use?

The biggest challenge with snow removal on a stone driveway is clearing away the snow without removing the gravel in the process. The good news is that there are several ways to do just that without damaging your driveway. First, we need to think beyond the snow shovel as the only tool to use on a stone or gravel driveway. Take a look around your garage or shed and see if you have any of these items to help.

  • If you have a powdery, light snow a leaf blower can do the trick. It has enough power to blow that dry snow away.
  • A rake, if it is not flimsy, can help to break up heavy snow. Be sure that the rake tines are about an inch or so apart.
  • If you have a two-stage snow blower, you can use this also, adjusting ┬áthe blades to not go down too far and spew gravel (this defeats the purpose!). The only caveat is that this will not work with a heavy, wet snow.
  • A regular garden shovel can help you remove snow in layers. You have more control with these smaller shovels and while the job may take longer, this is a good way to preserve your gravel.
  • Salt can melt a good amount of snow that might be left after you have used other methods and will help stop ice from forming. Ice is extremely difficult to remove.
  • Consider installing radiant heating that is installed underground. This can be an expensive proposition, but it will keep your stone intact!
  • Radiant heating too expensive? There are mats on the market that melt snow. You put them down over your gravel driveway and then roll them up when the snowy season is over. These mats can melt up to two inches of snow per hour and can cost considerably less than the in ground ones.


We know that people choose gravel and stone for their driveways for the aesthetics and style they give to property. Let Diversified Services be your supplier for beautiful stone. Call Tim today 401-741-1875

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