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River Stones: Why You Will Want Them In Your Landscape

River Stones: Why You Will Want Them In Your Landscape

Using stone ground cover is making a comeback! Superior sustainability and the fact that it is environmentally friendly make this alternative to mulch a much more popular choice for use in landscaping. Couple those benefits with the reduced maintenance costs for your yard and you have an attractive and (as you will see!) beneficial alternative to mulch.

Below are two pictures of a project in Warwick, Rhode Island designed and installed by ProScape that we supplied the stones for…looks great!










Natural stone is a versatile element for landscape makeovers. River stones or river rocks are any decorative stones that moving river water has naturally shaped and rounded. The stones are separated by size and allow for a choice of small, medium, large or extra large stones for ground cover or to create functional dry creek beds to handle water runoff. The natural colors of river stone also enhance modern landscaping making it aesthetically pleasing by adding texture and contrast. And while we in Rhode Island don’t live in an area prone to wildfires, another big benefit is that river stones are fireproof.







River stones don’t decompose and may never need to be replaced which saves you time and money over using organic mulch in permanent installations (but we at Diversified have both to satisfy all of our customers!) The only caveat is that the stones work best around trees, shrubs, and perennials but shouldn’t be chosen to add to gardens with annuals.

If you have a landscaping idea that you think rivers stone will work in, give Tim a call at 401-741-1875…and remember….WE DELIVER!

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