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Spotlight On: Reprocessed Concrete

Spotlight On: Reprocessed Concrete

Considering resurfacing your driveway at your home or office with concrete or asphalt? Think again! A more ecofriendly and wallet friendly trend of using reprocessed concrete might make you want to reconsider.

Crushed (or reprocessed) concrete refers to the concrete pieces produced after existing concrete structures are renovated or demolished. Previously, this rubble was sent to the landfill, but due to an increased awareness on environmental impact, crushed concrete was born! These crushed concrete pieces crushed into nearly uniform size, and ta-da! The result is a recycled aggregate perfect for your driveway, walkway, parking lot, or site preparation for hardscapes.

Not only is this dense-grade processed concrete environmentally friendly, but it is extremely cost-effective. The use of crushed concrete has proven time and time again to be cheaper than surfacing with concrete.

In addition, some experts have concerns that natural stone may not be as readily available in the near future because more roads, cities, and highways are emerging. Instead, many experts propose that crushed concrete will be the solution.

Diversified Services provides contractors with affordable, ecofriendly dense-grade processed concrete and so much more! Call Tim Mahoney at 401-741-1875 with any questions and to schedule delivery.

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