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Moss Covered Boulders: Garden Focal Point

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying: ‘Go Big or Go Home’?

Well, at Diversified Services, we’ve come up with a new saying: ‘Go Big and Go Beautiful’!

Moss covered boulders are a great choice for gardeners and landscapers who want to create interesting centerpieces. Here are some creative ideas we’re sharing that you can use in your own garden space!

Moss covered boulder in a fish pond with koi fish adds element of earth ot the element f water.

This small fish pond with the moss covered boulder creates natural shade for the fish on hot days and adds the element of earth to the element of water.

Moss covered boulders in a garden edging a landscaped area

A simple pile of mossy rocks can add just enough of a casual look to areas that you want to have a more natural feel.

Natural stone hardscape area with a fire pit and moss covered stone seating.

Light the fire pit on a cool night and these moss covered stones mix the elements in a subtle, yet beautiful way. Think, earth and fire.

Moss covered boulder monolith that is a large striking focal point in a garden or yard.

A design idea that is striking in its simplicity (think something that looks like it could have come from Stonehenge) a monolithic type moss covered boulder can be a perfect addition to your garden.

Moss covered boulders with colorful garden flowers

Finally, we have this beautiful Spring and Summer garden look. Planting colorful flowers to juxtapose the stark boulders always creates a fresh look.

Feeling inspired? Think it’s too soon to start the planning stages in your garden? It’s really not…it is just about 9 weeks until Spring!  

Call Tim at 401-741-1875 to find out more about having moss covered boulders delivered to you (YES, we deliver!)

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