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Landscaping and construction products including wall stones, boulders, topsoil, loam, sand, fill, gravel, excavation and septic services.

Diversified Services’ Loam is the Perfect Mix!

Diversified Services’ Loam is the Perfect Mix!


The weather is slowly but surely starting to warm up, so at Diversified Services, we have Spring on the mind! And Spring equals planting! Whether you’re planting grass seed or tomatoes, daffodils to hot peppers, you need Diversified Services’ lush loam.

Let’s start with the basics. Loam is a “fertile soil of clay and sand containing humus.” A common misconception is that loam and topsoil are equivalent, which is false. Topsoil is more nutrient-rich, of higher quality, and better suited for your garden, as it has more organic matter. More nutrients and moisture are found in loam than a sandy soil, and loam has better drainage and water filtration.

So, why does your garden, lawn or flower bed need loam?

For one, our loam is evenly balanced with clay, sand, and organic mixture – 3 things your veggies and flowers love. Loam also won’t hang on to too much moisture, which can cause root rotting in your plants. However, our loam also won’t drain too freely, which would cause your plants’ roots to dry up too quickly. Our loam is the perfect mix for proper drainage, root aeration, and holding nutrients. Plus, worms love loam – and worms are great for gardens and lawns.

As you can see, we have plenty of loam (and all the other materials) for all of your planting and landscaping needs this Spring and Summer. As Rhode Island’s Landscaping Materials Yard, Diversified Services is ready and excited to deliver our loam right to your home or project! (Yes, we deliver!) Call Tim Mahoney at 401-741-1875 with any questions and to schedule delivery.

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