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Go Bold With Boulders!

Go Bold With Boulders!

Autumn is a good time to reflect on your landscaping from the past spring and summer and figure out what worked and what needs to be changed. You can get ready for the coming Spring (something to look forward to as the weather gets a little chillier!) by getting boulders and other stones in place now. This way once March and April are here, you can get right to planting!

There are so many ideas out there to make your client’s landscape, yard or garden look great and one is by simply adding the right boulder(s) as the centerpiece.

These natural stones are long lasting and beautiful additions to a landscape and every boulder is unique so you can create a one-of-a-kind look for your client or for yourself. 

Some things to think about when getting your boulders:

Aesthetically Pleasing

The right choice will work properly with both the details of your house and your landscape. Try to keep the same look and feel to present a full-circle design.

Source locally

Rocks are heavy (yes they are!) A local source is less expensive compared to long distance hauling which. Diversified Services maintains the equipment and has the experience to move and set your boulders.

Keep it in scale

Choose the proper sized boulder for the job. Don’t choose small because of cost, but on the flip side, don’t go monstrously huge if the area calls for a more modest-sized stone.

Arranging To Show The Boulder’s Best Side

Boulders are planted into the Earth and each one  will have an attractive aspect that you can often discover after you study it. The best side gets the visibility and then the rest gets put in the ground. And keep in mind…a lone boulder on your lawn or in your garden may look like a meteor landed from outer space. So unless, the cosmic visitor  look is what you seek, a grouping is better.

Place for Optimal Planting

Boulders can create ideal planting opportunities and plants can grow at the edges for water access just as they do in nature. Perennials and shrubs can be good choices for use around the boulder.

When you’re ready to go big with boulders…contact Tim at Diversified Services at 401-741-1875  and remember….WE DELIVER!

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