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Are Your Clients Ready For Spring? Are You?

Are Your Clients Ready For Spring? Are You?

Are Your Clients Ready for Spring? Are You?

Sure, everyone knows to start prepping their lawn in the wintertime to ensure it’s healthy by the time spring rolls around. But when do you start reconnecting with your clients to discuss their wintertime lawn care and ideas for spring projects?

“I start focusing on going back to my customers in mid- to late-January to discuss their budgets for the year, along with any projects they might have in mind,” says Ken Hennebert of KLC Lawn & Landscape. “I also start re-mulching beds and doing other cleanup-type work.”

  • Ensure your clients know to keep leaves and debris off their lawns, especially because we don’t have any snow right now. We all know that leaves and debris can leave to a spotty looking lawn come spring – so remind your clients to keep their lawns clear while there’s no snow on the ground!
  • As spring creeps up, get a head start on planting your clients’ beds and prepare for mulch. Make sure all trees and shrubs are pruned and beds are clear of debris. Give the perimeter a crisp edging, and plant your spring bulbs. Then give Diversified Services a call for some of our mulch. (Remember, we deliver!)
  • After the final frost of the season, encourage clients to test their sprinkler systems for any leaks or damages that the colder weather might have brought on. It’s better to discover something needs repair before clients need watering every day!
  • Are your tools winterized? We know we’re halfway through the season, but if you have any gasoline remaining in your mower or other equipment, empty that as soon as possible. It’s also a great time to give your tools some TLC – sharpen those spades, hoes, and shovels and wipe metal blades with an oiled cloth to prevent rusting.
  • As we mentioned before, now is also the perfect time to touch base with clients to discuss their anticipated lawn care needs or any ideas for spring projects. While it might seem like spring will never come in this bitter cold, it will be here before we know it!

Of course, Diversified Services is always available for all of your construction and landscaping needs. Not only do we deliver, but we’re available anytime for a tour or for you to hand select your landscaping materials.

Give Tim a call, 401-741-1875 if you have any questions or if you need to schedule a delivery!

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