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Bluestone: Walkways and Driveways

Bluestone: Walkways and Driveways


You know it when you see it and hear it. The look and feel it gives to a pathway or driveway and the distinct sound it makes when you walk on it adds some flair! So what exactly are you walking on when you stroll through landscape that has this stone as its pathways?

Bluestone is ancient rock that was formed about 300 million years ago under the now-extinct ocean that covered much of the continent of North America and is the hardest type of sandstone. It can be found in a myriad of colors that range from light brown and gray to hues such as violet, green, and blue. It’s durable, available, and low maintenance. Basically, spread it across an area and you have a great pathway that is attractive and easy to upkeep.

With Spring on the way (less than four weeks until we are out of Winter) we know that a lot of gardeners are already planning what they will do to improve their landscapes. Do we have crushed bluestone here at Diversified Services for use in gravel driveways and walkways? YES! Give Tim a call today 401-741-1875  to get some delivered to freshen your yard and landscaping.

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