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Autumn is Not Just For Raking Leaves

With the whipping winds blowing the leaves off the trees, you might think that the only thing you can do in your backyard is rake. Not so! The time to prepare for Winter and Spring is now!


Prepare now for the harsh weather that is to come!

  1. Adding topsoil and mulching (Like our wonderful topsoil and mulch) to plant beds can protect them from frost and cold. Burlap to protect plants can also help to insulate against the cold.
  2. Plan your last grass mow before the first winter storm. It is important that the grass is not too long because this can cause it to fold over under the pressure of the snow cover and this can cause mold and other disease.
  3. Cutting and trimming trees and branches that are becoming overgrown or unsafe is also a good idea this time of year. Be proactive and prepare for the coming winter storms that can take down branches or trees. Plus, pruning keeps trees and shrubs healthier too.


This is a great time to plant for Spring, even though it seems very far away. Things to remember as Fall sets in:

  1. Plant for Spring blooms and harvest. Get those bulbs in the ground before it freezes! And never plant bulbs after a hard freeze. Good choices for our climate here in Rhode Island are iris, tulips, daffodils, and daylilies. Also, if you want to get some nice Spring crops, squash, peas, radishes, beets, and carrots are great vegetables to plant in the Fall.
  2. Planting done in the Fall will help plants develop stronger root systems. Fall plantings are better able to deal with any dry or hot weather we might have in the summer.
  3. Did you know you can use  the ash from your fireplace or wood stove as a fertilizer in the spring? Save it for use around the garden plants and trees.

Fall is a great season to work in the backyard! Give us a call at Diversified Services for supplies you may need (mulch, loam, rocks for the garden!) Call Tim at 401-741-1875 today!

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